Where there exudes an unwholesome glow…

You’ll notice an uncanny slope of the walls, and an unusual tilt to the ceiling, as if the room itself does not conform to any known rules of geometry. You know at once that you are everywhere, and yet you are nowhere.

I am your hostess. Welcome to the new home of Nerd News and Tattoos.

Welcome to Dark Corners! I am your hostess, the oft-imitated–but seldom replicated–Ashley, the Squealing Nerd. As far as I know, only one other person has my DNA. I will be your dark and sinister nerd extraordinaire, tattoo aficionado, blogger, and social media marketer.

Coming Soon

Look for news on our upcoming interview with actor and model Rick Lacour, recently famous for his portrayal of Baron Samedi in the photoshoot with Matthew Barnes Photography.



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