From Ink to Page: The Horror of Dan Henk

There are those for whom the primal, base instincts of our nature is not hidden beneath a waxy façade of normality. For many of us in the culture, business, and obsession of tattoos, we wear our demons on the outside. There are few in the tattoo industry who have not been astounded by the unique compositions of Dan Henk, resident tattoo artist at Third Dimension Tattoo and now the proud co-owner of Abyss Art Studio.

From magazine art to comic art, Henk has made a name for himself in the tattoo industry, and has undoubtedly left his mark on the world of Horror. Known for his brushwork photo realism in black and gray and astounding illustrations, Henk is an artist of many faces.

Drawing on a lifetime of love for horror and science fiction, Henk tried his hand at a different vision. In 2015, Henk published his first novel, The Black Seas of Infinity with Permuted Press, adding the written word to his already stunning repertoire of macabre artwork.

Henk truly lives in the legacy of H.P. Lovecraft in his collection of short stories, Down Highways in the Dark…By Demons Driven. Down Highways cements Henk’s name among the cannon psychological and gruesome horror masters.

Cover art for Dan Henk's short story collection. The cover features an almost nake woman laying on her chest an stomach on a highly textured background. Dan's name is large at the top, with the title embossed in red.
Cover art for Dan Henk’s collection of short stories, Down Highways in the Dark…By Demons Driven

Take a Trip Down the Road With Dan Henk

Down Highways In the Dark…By Demons Driven

The Horror genre has been preoccupied with exploring the depths of depravity that exist within every human being. Those who write and revel in the cathartic practice of fictional horror are neither the most frightening nor the most threatening among us. Men and women of keen awareness and heightened senses tend to be the most adept at accessing the most base and primal aspects of the human soul.

Time to take a ride with one of them…

Slasher Mayhem

I would normally say, “Where to begin? It was all so good!” and that is still entirely true. But in this instance, I actually do know where to begin. I read “Christmas is Cancelled” first. In fact, I read it before I even got my hands on the collection itself. I met Dan at the Star of Texas Tattoo Expo in January of 2018. With Christmas still fresh in everyone’s mind, it practically called out to me. Dan kindly handed it to me.

Daily I am reminded that the nicest people I have ever met are usually head-to-toe tattoos.

“Christmas Is Cancelled” is like nothing you’ve ever read before. A timeless legend will meet a fate of endless horror that nothing can stop. It was the first time I’d read an indie author who could raise the hackles within just a few pages. The punk rock side of my brain delighted in the violation of a subject that’s usually off limits. It was a delightful display of abject decrepitude. However, Henk’s work is darker than that. Beneath the fun veneer of gruesome slasher horror lays primal disgust.

Henk does not limit his environs. Nowhere is safe. Just try to stand downwind of Henk’s characters/victims. You don’t want to get hit with the perpetual pink spray. Henk handles gore in this collection the way an artist might splash paint across a blank canvas. Blood splatter is merely part of the whole package.  Anyone can kill a character, slowly, violently. Henk dispenses with gory pleasantries. He vastly prefers dismantling characters bit by bit, not with a knife or axe, but with the slow unraveling of the mind.

Psychological Horror

Throughout Down Highways, Henk explores the depraved depths of the human mind. Henk reveals the demons that lay at the heart of even average-looking individuals. The humanity Henk describes spends their entire lives trying to hide the disgusting evil that lurks behind their masks. They roll lidless eyes and flick their lizard tongues while they drool honeyed words to distract and dissemble. Ultimately, the most evil among us hide in plain sight. Henk takes this theory to the next level in “The Small Spaces in Time”, which truly deserved a place in Dark Regions Press’ 2017 publication, Nightmare’s Realm.

The author also examines the impact of trauma on the young mind. Henk traverses the dangers of extreme conservatism that drives youth to rebellion simply to survive their hostile upbringing. Previously, Henk turned this introspective on governmental control in The Black Seas of Infinity. In Down Highways, he turns this examination toward the nuclear family. Nowhere is this more pronounced than in “Dr. Seuss is Dead”, “The Beauty of Ignorance”, and “Down Highways in the Dark”.

At the heart of each of these stories is a sense of whirling through time and space, as powerless to act upon the events around us as we would be drowning in an undertow. Henk’s characters find themselves lost in sweeping vistas of anarchy as they blunder their way through horrors of the soul.

In this respect, this author pays homage to the great master of psychological horror, H.P. Lovecraft.

Sweeping Vistas of Anarchy

Henk expounds on Lovecraft’s ability to build mind-bending expanses of supernatural horror. Lovecraft was only just beginning to find his own voice when he died. It is the welcome burden of authors who followed him to carry on that work. Henk details every single one of his stories with needle-point precision, the mark of a great author and a great tattoo artist. Exposition is balanced with dramatic, awe-inspiring landscapes for Henk’s characters/victims to plummet through. Everything is stunningly painted. Henk can blind his reader with inky blackness, or stop the heart with autumn light.

Setting is important in Henk’s work in the same way setting is important to Sci-Fi and Fantasy writers. Though many of Henk’s stories start out in Suburban America, they don’t stay that way. It is not long before the landscape turns vile and threatening, even if that landscape is a backwoods trailer house away from encroaching civilization, or a sprawling cityscape.

Even the most mundane settings do not feel safe and inviting. Each new scene holds a different sense of hostility and vague threat. Henk capitalizes on feelings of fear of the unknown. As his characters traverse the universe of the mundane or of the mind, Henk reminds us that traveling to new places holds a special kind of paranoia. Even if escaping the present setting is vital for survival, there is a sense of distrust. The previous place might be untenable, but it was a known evil. We see this in “Down Highways” especially, and also in “The Small Spaces In Time”.

All of these things are merely tools in Henk’s cabinet (right beside the Nitrile gloves Dermalize Pro). Our fear of the unknown is punctuated by the fear of what follows us back.

We Are Not Alone

Part and parcel of the Lovecraftian horror legacy is the soul-crushing knowledge that we are not alone, that we have never been alone in the universe, nor even on this planet. “The Beauty of Ignorance”, “Oh The Horror”, “Down Highways”, and “Eye Deep In Hell” explore the possibility that our planet harbors secrets that are better left undiscovered.

These stories do not fall into the mythos camp of those who fight back against the cosmic forces of evil. Henk’s characters are powerless to escape or change their fate. Doom is waiting around every corner. Henk and Lovecraft share an existentialism that scoffs at the idea of reclaiming meaning for the human soul in this collection.

“Oh The Horror”, “Eye Deep in Hell” and “The Beauty of Ignorance” explores the malignant presence of beings that we cannot–dare not–explain. Only once does Henk touch upon the possibility that these powers from outside might be useful. Ultimately, no matter how you toy with the powers from outside, no matter how hard you struggle, for Henk’s characters, there is usually no escape.


Dan Henk proves he is able to tap into that place in the heart of readers that even we would keep safe, and he plows through it. He drags it up and forces you to peer into it. He paints lavish landscapes of cosmic horror that Pickman himself would be proud of. If you value your reputation as a reader of the weird, do not miss Dan Henk and Down Highways in the Dark…By Demons Driven.

About the Author

Dan Henk throws horns from a darkened room full of items we'd all better just ignore. He is heavily tattooed.
Master tattoo artist at Third Dimension Studio and co-owner of Abyss Art Studio, Dan Henk.

Dan Henk splits his time between Third Dimension Tattoo in Marshalls Creek, Pennsylvania and his new studio, Abyss Art Studio, in Long Beach, New York. Having met the man and knowing a little bit of his own story, Third Dimension’s theory that he might be a cyborg is sounding pretty plausible at this point. He also teaches Muy Thai.

Dan is shopping around for literary agents for his current work, The End of the World. You can find Down Highways In the Dark…By Demons Driven from Permuted Press on Amazon. The long extension of Dan’s will exists online at his official website, on Twitter at @DanHenk, on Facebook, and on Instagram at @danhenk.

Dan Henk is a horror author and artist of the highest order, and we have not heard the last of him.

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